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The Process

The Axcentria process is designed to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We believe real value comes from exceeding every client’s expectations. That begins by performing a needs assessment, assigning a Program Manager and then taking the steps necessary to deliver flawless implementation.

Our Program Managers provide clients single-point accountability and advocacy through all stages of the process cycle as determined by the needs assessment:

  • Technical Services:
    • Flavor development
    • Analytical testing
    • Process methodology development
    • Validation
  • Package Design
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management Programs (JIT, Kanban or consignment)
  • Full Turnkey Manufacturing Services or Labor Only using customer furnished materials

We realize your project needs may go beyond manufacturing and packaging, which is why we offer a complete line of services to support and manage your product. Through the use of clearly defined Supply Agreements, we offer:

  • LEAN Inventory Management Services
  • Warehousing, Order Fulfillment (including EDI capabilities),
  • Re-work & POP/Display production
  • R&D/Product Development Services

Engagements options are flexible and may include:

  • Discreet Project PO’s or Partnership Agreements
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management Programs (JIT, Kanban or consignment)
  • Full Turnkey Manufacturing Services or Labor Only using customer furnished materials

Contact our Business Development Team to discuss a mutually beneficial Supply Agreement for your business.


Material Sourcing

Materials Sourcing  
Axcentria sources raw materials and packaging components designed to meet each Customer’s engagement.  We have Standard Operating Procedures to qualify all suppliers.

  • Approved Suppliers are required to provide a Certificate of Analysis or Certificate of Compliance for all shipments to reflect compliance with our Purchase Order conditions.
  • The approved Supply Chain partners are global or can be limited to Made in America sources only, if that is required. 

We will purchase your inventories to eliminate write-offs as part of on-boarding your products.  If directed, we will use your Suppliers and honor open Purchase Order liabilities. And finally, we will never substitute materials without your approval.


Testing & Analytical Services

Testing and Analytical Services  
This is one of Axcentria differentiating factors.  There are regulations and best practices for the manufacture of all consumer products – foods, supplements, drugs and so on – and for Axcentria, pharmaceutical best practices, the most stringent standard, is “Our Standard”.

Axcentria has a staff of quality and formulation scientists and technicians with extensive pharmaceutical training.  We can develop and validate the analytical methodology to test your products for appearance, physical properties, potency of ingredients and impurities.  

Standard for Axcentria is:

  • Inspection and testing of incoming materials to the US Pharmacopeia standards or other applicable standards as required
  • Proprietary High Pressure Liquid Chromatography method to ascertain product purity and adherence to label claims
  • Microbiological tested to insure products are within pre-established FDA contamination limits
  • Testing for stability over time 

Axcentria warrants a product meets all its requirements with a written Certificate of Analysis.


Flavor Development

Flavor Development: E-Liquids
Our Purity Pledge uniquely positions Axcentria to create pharma-grade solutions for the emerging e-cigarette and vaping industry.

Axcentria’s Technical Services Team are skilled at crafting unique and complex flavor profiles.   Each flavor assessed by Axcentria’s organoleptic taste panel must pass a stability assessment and is reviewed for chemical composition to insure industry standards are met. 


  • All flavors are sourced domestically and then blended by our team
  • All new flavor recipes are free of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin
  • Axcentria will develop new flavors for you, reformulated your current flavors to address emerging constraints like diacetyls, or match your current flavors with a “pharma” grade liquid
  • The Technical Services Team tracks emerging trends



Axcentria is a contract manufacturer for liquids, lotions, creams and ointments able to provide a full array of batching, filling and packaging capabilities.  Our experience is with OTC, supplements and e-liquids, and we welcome the challenge of entertaining complementary industries or providing services for new products that have never been done before.

Axcentria can:

  • Handle small to moderate size volumes including test or qualification lots
  • Provide labor only or 100% turnkey solutions
  • Facilitate full batching or use pre-produced components
  • Customize packaging solutions from the simple automated to complex hand packing
  • Co-invest in developing productivity improvements, i.e., cost downs over the life of a program



Axcentria Logistics includes inventory management, warehousing, fulfillment and shipping services supported by Dynamics SL2011 Software, a customized ERP system.  Axcentria excels at being your supply chain partner.

  • Inventory Management:  We offer finished goods inventory solutions including JIT, KanBan and consignment programs
  • Warehousing:  We offer storage and consolidation programs to support your fulfillment requirements
  • Shipping:  We can coordinate shipping globally and manage multiple drops for any order