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E-liquids & Vaping Juices

Filling a need in the E-cigarette Industry

As the growing vaping and e-cigarette market grew, a unique opportunity developed. With a flood of untested formulations hitting the USA marketplace, there was a need for an American-based contract manufacturer, who approached the process with the mindset of a pharmaceutical company to ensure purity and safety. That company is Axcentria.  Suppliers are qualified and materials are tested and validated, as required to US Pharmacopeia standards or other standards as required. Most important, no finished good leaves the Axcentria facility until it is microbiologically tested for safety to gain our Purity Pledge.  All this process controls are documented and every product is marked by lot for traceability.

Our Tech Services department takes pride in putting our imagination and expertise to work developing the flavors that our customers are requesting. In the process, we have built a large library of flavor creations ranging from standard classics to the more complex and esoteric.

Axcentria can also assist with adding nicotine to your desired level in any of our flavor offerings. For more information about E-liquids, nicotine and other compounds, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for the latest industry information.

Our production lines are able to fill most bottles sizes and 1-3ml cartridges (clearomizers and cartomizers) as well as filling bulk options. Furthermore primary packaging containers will include certified child resistant caps per the Code of Federal Regulations and tamper evidence.  And we have a variety of customized finished packing options in a carton, shrink wrapped, in a point-of-sale display, with information inserts and so on to achieve the image you want to most effectively engage your customer.

Please note, we do not produce the hardware used for the enjoyment of E-liquids. However, as your manufacturing partner, we are happy to share sourcing with hardware suppliers with whom we have relationships.